Jimella’s is an artisanal bakery in Decatur, Georgia. Every order is made 100% from scratch and baked fresh, using the highest-quality ingredients. Call Jimella’s to order cookies, cookie cakes and sandwiches, bars and more, or to place a custom order.


I am Emily Holden, a self-taught baker with a lifelong sweet tooth. After working many years in advertising sales, I decided it was time to do what I love the most: creating baked wonders based on research, imagination, and most importantly, taste. There is nothing more satisfying than the look of pure bliss in someone’s eyes when they indulge in something I baked.

Jimella’s (pronounced jim-EL-uh’s) is named after my great-grandmother. JimElla was an amazing woman. She was short, feisty and could cook and bake like no one else in Kentucky. I had the pleasure of enjoying her company and kitchen for 17 years.


I look forward to serving you! Thanks, Emily